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Karrm’s goal is to create high-quality affordable housing, which means developing residential communities that are affordable and serve as environments for residents and their families to thrive. Our company takes great pride in creating housing that is attractively designed, skilfully built, and well-managed. Sustainable building is one of the core values that guides our work. When affordable housing is done well, we believe that it can serve as a transformational resource for residents and a source of beauty and vibrancy for surrounding communities.

Our mission is to end housing insecurity within a generation. As a down payment on that goal, we will provide opportunity to 500,000 families by 2020 through quality affordable housing with connections to a good school, secure job, transit and health care. We believe opportunity begins when people have a safe, healthy and affordable place to call home.

With a development portfolio surpassing 15,000 units, we are committed to solving the critical need for high-quality housing at affordable rates and are poised to help cities meet 21st century challenges head on. We bring a comprehensive and workable approach to a complex development environment through our collaborations with effective and strategic partners.

The results of these efforts are tangible: newly revitalized communities, with stable, sustainable housing, quality educational choices, access to economic opportunities, connections to retail and services, and enriched recreational and health options. Families can raise their children, seniors can age in place, and everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We are a mission-driven real estate development company committed to quality, diversity and prosperity. Karrm Infrastructure is a catalyst for growth, deploying comprehensive real estate development capabilities and shaping neighbourhoods. Put another way, we are passionate about creating healthy environments where people live and learn.


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